Unleash the Transformative Power of Your Own Mind”


How it works

Change Your Brain. Change Your Entire Life!


Do you want to enjoy a life that allows you to feel more confident, more empowered, and more connected to a life of happiness? Or maybe you deeply desire more love, better sex, more abundant health, or even greater success?

“The good news is, no matter how much you may be struggling in life and desire a life that is more abundant, you’re closer to achieving it than you think. The very seed of your new success all resonates and begins right in your own mind.”

Here at Simply Hypnotic, we’ve dedicated our expertise to the power of sound and the human mind to change lives from the inside out. We offer some of the most exclusive and powerful audio recordings in the entire world that’s changing the lives of everyday people just like yourself who want more out of life, and out of their own being.

Our unique audio collection of professional Binaural BeatHypnosis, Subliminal, Positive Affirmations recordings and Music for Meditation have been carefully designed and created to specifically help you reach your own personal goals. All you have to do is hit Play, and let our audio tracks bring forth some truly amazing changes in your own mind, body and spirit, which will then create positive changes in the world around you.


IMPORTANT: For the best results, it’s highly recommended that you listen to these exclusive audio files in a safe and comfortable environment where you’ll not be distracted. Allow the sounds to penetrate your entire mind and body, and watch how it not only changes the way you feel, but also makes a positive impact in your own life.


How To Get Started: 

You can download your selected audio files directly to your own PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Once downloaded, you can enjoy the audio files whenever or wherever you’d like. You can add the downloaded audio files to your iTunes account or even drag them to your own music folder. 

Apps can be quickly installed with one simple click.


Why purchase from Simply Hypnotic?

Visit any search engine, type in Subliminal / Affirmation / Binaural Beat / Self Help recordings and chances are the results will be overwhelming and you will be inundated with companies offering you some truly astonishing claims. What you don’t realize is many of these companies are in fact working together as affiliates and litter each other’s testimonial pages with some pretty outlandish comments. Simply Hypnotic is different as I am a stand alone company creating some truly unique recordings that target the listeners well being and not their check book. As for quantity, many companies release numerous recordings every week but working as a Life Coach and Licensed Practitioner I am simply unable to to this so when my new recordings are eventually released, they truly are something special.


Desired results and is there a money back guarantee?

I receive numerous messages of thanks from people who state my unique recordings have made incredible and profound changes to their lives, but in the unlikely event your not one of the 99.9% of happy customers then simply contact me within 60 days for a full refund. Due to the amount of recordings and reasonable time frames for success, this money back guarantee excludes my Essential Collections.


Are these recordings safe? 

My Subliminal Voice Affirmation recordings only use positive affirmations and are perfectly safe to use but should NEVER be listened to when the listener needs to remain focused, and should NEVER be used whilst driving or operating machinery. 

Side effects of listening to Binaural Beats are extremely rare and may include ear damage (if listened to at an increased volume) or headache (if overused). I DO however recommend people with heart diseases, seizures, pregnancy or epilepsy should consult your doctor before trying Binaural Beats and I take no responsibility if listeners who fall into this category choose to do so, as they do so at their own risk.


Are results permanent?

I would like to say a resounding yes but my recordings cannot possibly take into account any lifestyle changes of the listener. Should you for example reach your desired weight and stop listening then I would definitely recommend a top up every now and then.


What are the affirmations used?

Where possible all embedded affirmations have been included in the description but as some recordings were recorded on the fly this information isn’t always available. In most cases affirmations may be duplicated in any number of recordings for a much deeper effect.


What are the frequencies used?

Please see my Frequencies page for further information.


How should I listen to these recordings?

I highly recommend the listener finds a quiet place to relax and be alone to avoid distractions and where possible, use earphones for a much stronger effect.


Can I listen to more than one recording?

I highly recommend the listener chooses one recording at a time to avoid affirmations cancelling each other out. I also suggest the listener should take regular breaks between listens and drink plenty of water.


The Power of Affirmations

Fed up with how things keep turning out in your life? Ever stopped to think why? Ever stopped to think that you may even be sabotaging your own efforts to make things better? Both Scientific and medical research has demonstrated repeatedly that a positive mental outlook is the desired key to a successful outcome (Visit my the Power of Positive Thinking page).  Unfortunately we all tend to think negatively; in-fact we are practically hard wired to explore the downside of things as a natural protective measure. It is easy for this natural instinct to become overpowering and it is important to maintain a healthy positive outlook to counter-balance it. Otherwise, fear and anxiety can start to escalate and have a disproportionate influence on our emotions and may cause the subconscious to sabotage any attempts you make to move forward with your life.

Think about it..

  • Why do some people always seem to attract good luck?
  • Why do some people achieve things so much faster, and with less effort?
  • Why do some people gain success, when others do not?

In today’s hectic lifestyles encompassing ever changing technologies, Affirmations have become one of the most popular ways for people to relax, achieve self empowerment or bring about personal or professional change. Affirmations have proven successful countless times in bringing about wealth and abundance, happiness, general well-being or to help with weight loss and body re-shaping issues. Extremely powerful and effective, Affirmations can be read on a computer screen, on a mobile device or simply by listening to a recording on a music player.

Check out my the Power of Positive Affirmations page


Subliminal Recordings

Subliminal Recordings are played at a volume lower than what the human ear can hear. When the affirmations are played low enough to bypass the ear, they will also bypass the conscious mind and penetrate directly into the core of your mind. This is what subliminal messaging is designed to do. It is a way to sneak past your conscious bodyguard and make any changes real and more importantly, make any changes permanent.



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What  are Binaural Beats

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