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Melatonin Booster Binaural Beat Recording by Simply Hypnotic: Melatonin is a product of the Pineal Gland and can help you combat Migraine Headaches, Hair Loss, Ageing, help Boost your Immune System and can even help you sleep better at night. Fully loaded with over 300 subliminal Affirmations including “My pineal gland is activated, I am producing lots of melatonin, My melatonin receptors are functioning perfectly, Each day I am naturally producing more and more melatonin, I am relaxed and producing melatonin, Melatonin is flowing freely throughout my body” and many more recorded over multiple layers on this very high quality 320kbps recording.

*This 14:10 minute recording is best used and will have an increased effect when the listener is in a relaxed state.

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