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Butt Reduction

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Butt Reduction Binaural Subliminal Affirmations by Simply Hypnotic: Have you always desired a smaller butt? Perhaps you’re considering surgery? Then Wait… This Butt Reduction Subliminal Recording utilizes carefully chosen voice affirmations that can help reduce the size of your bum as you relax or whilst asleep! This 14:05 minute recording consists of over 370 Butt Reduction | Butt Shrinking affirmations resonating continuously as you listen to beautiful and relaxing music. Affirmations include: “My butt is small, My butt is firm and healthy, My mind is completely focused on reducing my butt size, My body sends revitalizing energy and nutrition to my butt, I am naturally reducing the size of my butt, My butt is the perfect size, I live a healthy lifestyle that encourages smaller a butt size, My butt is a normal size, My butt feels as light as a feather, My body is burning the fat in my butt, I will reduce the size of my butt, I will have a beautiful small butt, My butt is becoming smaller, I am starting to notice my butt feeling lighter and firmer, I will eat healthy, lose weight, and reduce the size of my butt, My body will store any excess fat away from my butt, I will burn the excess fat in my butt, Sending nutrients to my butt will make it smaller and firmer, I will be happy with my smaller butt, I will send positive energy to my butt, I have a naturally small butt, My butt is of an average size, I can use my mind to influence the process of fat reduction in my butt, I deserve to have healthier, smaller butt, Living a healthier lifestyle and reducing my weight will lead to a smaller butt, I can redirect my body fat away from my butt, I love my butt no matter what, Sending positive energy to my butt is important and many more..”

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