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Butt Enlargement Subliminal Affirmations download by Simply Hypnotic: Wish you had a larger butt? This Butt Enlargement Subliminal Recording utilizes carefully chosen voice affirmations that can increase the size of your bum as you relax or whilst asleep.. This 15:09 minute recording consists of over 320 Butt Enhancement | Butt Enlargement | Natural Bum Augmentation affirmations resonating continuously as you listen to beautiful and relaxing music. Affirmations include: “My butt is large, My butt is beautiful, I am confident in my butt, I am sending extra blood flow to my butt, I am naturally enlarging my butt, My body provides excellent nutrition to my butt, My butt is full and healthy, My mind is focused on increasing my butt size, My mind-body connection is aligned with the goal of enlarging my butt, I am enlarging my butt with the power of my mind, My butt is growing, I will increase my butt size, I will develop confidence in my butt, I am starting to notice my butt feeling fuller, Each day my butt becomes bigger and bigger, Others are starting to notice my large butt, I am transforming into a person with a big beautiful butt, My body is starting to store more fat in my butt, My butt is becoming healthier, My body is starting to send more blood and nutrition to my butt, I have a naturally large butt, My body sends any extra body fat to my butt, Having a big beautiful butt is a normal part of my life, Other people are always admiring my butt, I believe 100% that I can enlarge my butt with positive thinking, I have total confidence in my butt, My butt is full and healthy, I can send extra blood and nutrition to my butt, I have firm and healthy butt, Excess body fat is always stored in my butt and many more..”

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