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Perfect Pert Breasts Subliminal Affirmations Download by Simply Hypnotic: Want Firmer and Perfect Pert Breasts? This 22:18 Minute Perfect Pert Breasts Subliminal Recording utilizes carefully chosen voice affirmations that can help firm up your breasts as you relax or whilst asleep.. This Subliminal session consists of over 300 Perfect Pert Breasts | natural Breast Enhancement | Breast Enlargement | Natural Augmentation affirmations resonating continuously as you listen to beautiful and relaxing music. Affirmations include: “My breasts are perfectly pert, My breasts are firm, My breasts are healthy, My breasts look great, My breasts are sexy, I am confident with my beautiful breasts, My breasts are beautiful and perky, My partner loves my pert breasts, I am directing positive healing energy to my breasts, My breasts have perfect blood flow and nutrition, I will have perfect pert breasts, My breasts are becoming firmer, I am starting to feel more confident with my breasts, I will live a healthy lifestyle that helps me to have healthy breasts, My mind is becoming highly focused on firming up my breasts, I am developing perky breasts, My breasts are becoming healthier, Others are starting to notice my perfect pert breasts, I will have beautiful healthy breasts, I will be totally confident in my breasts and love them no matter what, My breasts are naturally pert and firm, Having healthy firm looking breasts is normal for me, Others see me as someone who is lucky to have such perfect breasts, My breasts are naturally perky, I have sexy breasts, My breasts are beautiful, My breasts are naturally healthy, My partner loves my breasts no matter what, I love my breasts, My breasts feel wonderfully healthy and many more..”

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