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Sexual Confidence

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Sexual Confidence Subliminal Affirmations recording by Simply Hypnotic: A 34:50 Minute Binaural Beat recording layered with over 350 carefully selected Subliminal Voice Affirmations, each resonating continuously to help build Sexual Confidence. Affirmations include: “I am sexually confident, I am a great lover, I am a powerful sexual being, I am in touch with my deepest sexual nature and desire, I always please my partner, I am open to new sexual experiences, I am secure in my body and celebrate its sexuality, I express my deepest sexual needs, I am full of sexual energy and potential, My body tingles with sexual magnetism, I will unleash my sexual confidence, I will express my sexual nature, I am developing magnetic sexual power, I am becoming sexually confident, My sexual confidence is growing, I am overcoming my sexual insecurities, I am starting to explore my wildest fantasies, I will provide immense sexual pleasure to my partner, I am becoming a highly skilled lover, I am noticing that my partner is more turned on by my sexual confidence, I have unlimited sexual power, I love pleasuring my partner, Sexual confidence comes naturally to me, I can please my partner endlessly, Feeling sexually confident is a natural part of my life, My lover is attracted to my sexual confidence, Exploring my sexual fantasies is important, My sexual confidence is magnetic, I love trying new things sexually, Sexual exploration is natural and normal and many more..”

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