6 Pack Abs
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6 Pack Abs

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6 Pack Abs Subliminal Affirmations Recording – This 15 Minute Recording consists of over 300 Ab Toning / Curving / Firming / Fitness / Stomach Sculpture affirmations resonating continuously as you listen to beautiful and relaxing music… Affirmations include: “My abs are lean, I always work my ab muscles with intensity, My waistline is slim and perfect, I have the right combination of diet and exercise, My abdominal muscles are well defined, I am determined to have six-pack abs, My abs are healthy, My core muscles are incredibly strong, My abs receive excellent blood flow and nutrition, Others admire my great looking six-pack, I will have six-pack abs, My waistline is becoming smaller, My abs are becoming leaner every day, My core will be sleek and sexy, I will maintain a healthy weight and keep my abs defined, People will be amazed at the definition of my abs, I will remain focused on my workout routine, My clothes will fit better and I will look more attractive, I will develop massive confidence in my body, My abs are growing stronger and stronger, My abs are naturally strong, I love my well defined abs, I am naturally well-proportioned, My back and core muscles are strong, Staying consistent with my workout is easy, I have strong lower abdominal muscles, My strengthening technique is perfect, Losing weight and becoming toned comes easy for me, My ab muscles are naturally toned and defined, I have the proper body fat ratio and many more..”

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