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Healthy Body Image Positive Affirmations Download: Help Overcome a Negative Self Body Image – Help Love and accept yourself just the way you are with this beautiful fully loaded Binaural Beat 9 minute recording containing over 400 Subliminal Affirmations designed to help you overcome negativity, self criticism, negative habits and in turn, gain self acceptance and contentment. Affirmations Include: “I am beautiful, I love my body, I have a healthy body image, I accept myself completely, I am thankful for my body, I am building a positive body image, My body is perfect just the way it is, I am confident in the way I look, I always feel comfortable in my own skin, I appreciate my body, I will have a healthy body image, I will always love my body no matter what, I am beginning to accept myself more and more, I am beginning to feel content with the way I look, I am becoming happier with my body, Each day I look and feel better, I will always have gratitude for my body, My self acceptance is beginning to change the way other people see me, I am overcoming negativity and building a positive attitude towards myself, I am finding it easier to feel confident in the way I look, Having a healthy body image comes naturally to me, Feeling positive about my body is normal for me, I naturally love and accept my body, Whenever I look in the mirror I always see something positive, Having a healthy body image improves the quality of my life, I deserve to be confident and happy, Self acceptance comes naturally to me, I find it easy to think positively about my body, People are drawn to me because I am confident in the way I look, My body is beautiful and I respect it deeply and many more”

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