Recordings for her - 12 tracks (258 mins)
  • Recordings for her - 12 tracks (258 mins)
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  1. Become an Alpha Female
  2. Bikini Bum
  3. Bombshell Booty
  4. Butt reduction
  5. Cellulite Blaster
  6. Flawless skin
  7. Get a thigh gap
  8. Hour glass figure
  9. Muffin top
  10. Natural clitoris enlargement
  11. Perfect pert breasts
  12. Simply energized

A truly unique collection of Subliminal affirmation and Binaural Beat recordings for women aimed at supporting body reshaping and personal empowerment. Help boost your confidence levels, become an Alpha female or rid yourselves of cellulite and get flawless skin. All these remarkable recordings were painstakingly pieced together using only the very latest in Brainwave Entrainment Technology and are delivered as an instant download so you can begin making these incredible and profound changes today.

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