Ambience Collection



“Feel positive, refreshed and rejuvenated throughout your life with amazing and mind healing collections of Transcendental Audio Recordings”



“Feel positive, refreshed and rejuvenated throughout your life with amazing and mind healing collections of Transcendental Audio Recordings”

1. Cosmic Heartbeat
2. The Doors of Perception
3. Ecstatic States of Consciousness
4. Endorphin Release
5. Transcendental
6. Euphoria (Holistic Dream)
7. Realm of the Senses
8. Headtrip
9. Space Time Continuum

Are you facing challenges, feeling dejected and unhappy? How many goals have you ever set for yourself that went unachieved? How many times have you made a plan but became unsuccessful? Or you are fighting hard to achieve your desired goals and transform your life into a blissful one, but no way?

Rejoice, there’s a SOLUTION. Simply Hypnotic have exclusively designed effective and mind-healing audio recordings to help you overcome challenges, fulfill your plans, increase your self-esteem and take you through a journey of new, positive and greatly rewarding life of deep meaning built on faith, passion and happiness.

Our list of resonating, fantastic and relaxing audio tracks oozes transcendentalism from every pore. The Transcendental Meditation Recordings are of high quality, beautiful, full of inspiration and positivity. These ultra powerful Hypnotic Binaural Beats are guaranteed to help you forget your worries and make you feel rejuvenated.

Deep healing and emotional recording touches your heart and easily resonates within your body. High Beta Wave Recordings will renew you, making to feel relaxed, strengthened, rejuvenated and energized. Simply Hypnotic uses soothing binaural recordings to awesomely draw the mind & body into good state of balance, calmness and harmony.

Naturally combining sensitivity, inspiration, and complex sound production technology, our recordings specifically synchronize the hemispheres of the brain and amplify the production of alpha waves. However, this natural response is basically associated with feelings of deep relaxation, sense of security, contentment, happiness, and well-being.

Our amazing collections of soothing transcendental audio recordings available for download include;

Doors of Perception Ambient Beta Waves
Heal Mind & Body Positive Affirmations
Lucid Dream Meditation Binaural Beats
Realm of the Senses Meditation Recordings
Sounds of the Ocean Binaural Beat recording and many more.
Join our millions of other subscribers who are turning within to change themselves and the world. Switch on your mind and body with these transcendental, mediative and ultra powerful audio recordings. We promise that you will definitely see a positive difference in yourself. Take a deep breath, plug in your headphones, close your eyes, pretend you live in another country, and lets go to a higher place.

Many people desire success yet very few achieve it. Why? Mainly because most people are simply struck in the dreaming mode. What’s the way out? You need a mantra that will keep your attention on your goal. This is where Simply Hypnotic comes in. Choose from our exclusive list of the best transcendental audio recordings below and enjoy pure ambience and hypnotic sounds to help transform your life, health and happiness!

🎧 Earphones are recommended, tracks should be played at low/medium volume.

**IMPORTANT – Due to their relaxing nature, these tracks should not be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery or at any time the listener needs to remain focused –  For an explanation of Binaural Beats and Binaural Beat Frequencies go here.

**This collection is for personal use only, Royalty Free Music can be downloaded from HERE


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