Binaural Beats are specific frequencies that can bring you into a profoundly deep state of meditation within minutes using the latest innovations in sound technology”


High quality audio recordings designed to help you reach your desired goal.

Simply Hypnotic, a Company based in Palm Springs, California; specializes in the recording and provision of high quality, effective and affordable audio recordings designed to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your desired goals.

Our unique one of a kind audio tracks have been carefully crafted, methodically written and professionally recorded by Simply Hypnotic founder Andre James, a Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist - you can be confident that you're getting the very best self help tracks available anywhere! They are effective and deliberately designed to take you through a positively empowering journey.

The Process 

Each unique audio track begins with a carefully chosen title and concept, followed by a carefully crafted script which is finally recorded in multi-layers, in a professional sound studio – the result, a high quality multi-layered self help audio track, that works. 
Our strict ethical and professional guidelines ensure that each audio track meets the highest professional and recording standards and specifically addresses a particular area of your life. At the press of a play button, you are on your journey to overcoming obstacles that hold you back and becoming a better you. 
Our incredible audio tracks are simple to listen to, relaxing and affirming. They are designed to take you on a pleasant journey which help your mind relax and increases your self-esteem

Shop with Us 

Each hypnosis track is affordably priced to ensure high accessibility so that most people realize their potential. To date, we have sold over 7 Million copies. 
We guarantee you’ll love how you feel after listening to our unique recordings. You can visit our Audio Recordings Page for an Instant purchase and Download. You can easily listen to these recordings on any electronic device – Computers, Tablets and Smartphones. 

Try our recordings today, Let us help you become a better you!

Simply Hypnotic create unique self help recordings for: Hypnosis | Subliminal | Music for Meditation | Relaxation | Weight Loss Recordings | Study Music | Voice Affirmations | Binaural Beat Recordings | Isochronic Tone Recordings | Background Music | Spa Music | Yoga Music | Zen Music | Music for Reiki Healing | Sleep Music | Nature Sounds